An early nickname for the locomotive was the “Iron Horse”. In the spring of 2009, I followed the path of the first Transcontinental Railroad as I moved from California to Arizona to Vermont. The sale of railroad land grant lands had lead to the settling of the “Great American Desert”, and I was thankful for the opportunity to pass back through my once desert home on a farewell tour.


Horsepower is a term that was originally meant to compare the power of engines and other machinery to the power of draft horses. My 2008 Toyota Matrix proved to be no match for a draft horse. With just a few miles over 100,000, the transmission died just after the move to Vermont. An unplanned automotive purchase resulted in a 2008 Scion xB. It’s a great little car – plenty of room for the people and the dog. The built in iPod dock is also a nice touch. Especially after you buy the Griffin adapter so that it charges your new iPhone 3GS.


2003 Toyota Matrix
Cosmic Blue Metallic
123 HP

2008 Scion xB
Blackberry Crush Metallic
158 HP

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Lesley Baumann

Lesley Alexandra Jump Baumann is a designer, artist and animal lover.