NCR REA Website Launch

NCR REA Website

We’ve just completed the redesign of the NCR REA website. NCR REA, Inc. is a non-profit organization headquartered in Dayton, Ohio. Its members include former and current employees with at least 5 years of service with NCR. The new site is built in WordPress and features numerous benefits for the organization’s members.

Each of the approximately 1,500 members may now have and maintain their own profiles. They can apply for membership through the site and register for upcoming events. The site also enables them to keep up with information about other members’ contact information, ongoing events, the board of trustees, previous meetings, current NCR and Teradata news and much more.

The WordPress dashboard allows the NCR REA board to easily maintain the membership database as well as keep the photos on the homepage, the news on the homepage, the membership directory, the newsletter archives and many other items up-to-date.

The design of the site features a custom, responsive WordPress theme that is friendly for viewing on tablets and smart phones as well as computer monitors.

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Lesley Baumann

Lesley Alexandra Jump Baumann is a designer, artist and animal lover.

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